India-Canada Conflict: Discover Everything You Need Now

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India-Canada Conflict

Certainly! Here’s a timeline of the recent India-Canada conflict over the killing of Sikh separatist leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar:

  1. September 1: Canada pauses talks on a proposed trade treaty with India, which was unexpected given that both countries had previously planned to seal an initial agreement this year.
  2. September 10: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi conveys strong concerns about Sikh separatist protests in Canada to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during a Group of 20 summit in New Delhi.
  3. September 15: Canada postpones a trade mission to India that was planned for October due to concerns surrounding Nijjar’s killing.
  4. September 18: Trudeau tells the Canadian Parliament that Canada is “actively pursuing credible allegations” linking Indian government agents to the killing of Nijjar, who was campaigning for the creation of an independent Sikh homeland carved out of India.
  5. September 19: India dismisses Trudeau’s assertion as “absurd” and both countries expel diplomats in tit-for-tat moves.
  6. September 20: India urges its citizens in Canada to exercise caution, while the United States, Australia, and Britain express concerns over Nijjar’s killing.
  7. September 21: India’s JSW Steel Ltd begins to slow down a process to buy a stake in the coal unit of Canada’s Teck Resources due to the ongoing diplomatic tensions.

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Additionally, Canada’s government is currently in discussions with India about its diplomatic presence in the country. Reports suggest that Canada has been instructed to reduce the number of diplomats by two-thirds, which would significantly reduce its contingent in New Delhi2. The diplomatic spat has also put the US in an awkward position, as it seeks to balance its relationships with both India and Canada.

The situation remains tense, and both countries are closely monitoring developments as they navigate this delicate diplomatic issue.

How long has the India-Canada conflict been going on?

The India-Canada conflict has a long history, with tensions periodically flaring up over various issues. Here are some key points about the conflict:

  1. Historical Context:
  2. Recent Developments:
  3. Specific Issues:

In summary, while India and Canada have had friendly relations overall, specific issues related to separatism, security concerns, and diplomatic incidents have contributed to the ongoing conflict.

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