New York Fashion: 18 Top Fall Fashion Trends from New York Fashion

New York Fashion
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New York Fashion: I just took a trip to NYC, and let me tell you how inspiring it was to see some of the freshest apparel in IRL. Sure, I love L.A. There are plenty of great fashion moments on the streets of the U.S., but New Yorkers bring a different approach to trends that always inspires me to test them out for myself.

Specifically, when I had lunch with senior editor Nicole Eshaghpour in Soho, sitting at a sidewalk cafe, we noticed a steady stream of cool-looking people passing by. These outfits were heavy on TikTok trends, including low-rise baggy jeans and cutouts, as well as directional basics like cowboy boots and vest tops.

We’re 99% sure we’ve also seen Katie Holmes walking around wearing a pair of JW Anderson chain-detail slides. Long story short, there was a lot of fashion to take in and I just needed to discuss it. Ahead, check out the seven best trendy fall outfit ideas I spotted on the streets of NYC and shop each look.

And with that, the New York Fashion Week Fall 2023 season has come to an end — but before heading to the shows in London, Milan, and Paris, we picked up on plenty of trends that are sure to dominate your Instagram feed six months from now. Now (or maybe even earlier).

Whether you’re in your hyper-feminine era or embracing boxier silhouettes made from comfortable-casual materials, the Fall 2023 collection has you covered from every angle. Read about our takeaways from the runway below.

New York Fashion: the roses are coming

From buds placed as subtle centrepieces on pretty dresses to literal flowers printed on fabrics, roses were everywhere this season.

tied in a bow
In case you missed it, ribbons are taking your place — which means bows are doing the same. Their versatility allows them to be either a fun add-on or the star of an outfit.

New York Fashion: easy breezy shoulder draping

The shoulder draping seen on the Fall 2023 runways seems to favour soft edges. It also feels very comfortable to wear.

fish netting net
Did someone say “indie sleaze”? Fishnet is back and better than ever. Adopted by a handful of designers, get ready to DIY your own look with a convenient pair of scissors.

oversized hats
There was no shortage of oversized hats on the runways this season. Whether it’s knit, cushioned or leather, several designers have tried their hand at some statement headpieces.

New York Fashion: extra large shoulders

If you’re not convinced by the shoulder draping trend, then maybe this off-shoulder look is for you.

trumpet sleeve
A classic fashion mainstay, but re-invented and re-imagined in a variety of looks.

creative owl decoration
Read more about the nipple-forward trend here.

no pants no problem
Read more about the bare-bottom trend here.

fancy hoodies
Read more about Fashion Week’s most comfortable trend here (and shop it now).

chocolate brown
Read more about the rise of chocolate ice cream-esque neutrals here.

Ratel Dresses
We’re calling them the new mullet dresses. Read more here.

Elmo Red (and other colours from “Sesame Street”)
Read more about the diffusion of primary colours here.

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