Sikkim Flood Bengal Tourists: Discover Everything You Need Now

Sikkim Flood Bengal Tourists
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Sikkim Flood Bengal Tourists: I’m sorry to hear about the flash flood in Sikkim that has affected many tourists from Bengal and other states.

According to the news reports, around 3,000 tourists are stranded in Sikkim, including 1,200 in North Sikkim. The flood was caused by the outburst of a glacial lake in the Lachen Valley, which sent a huge volume of water and debris into the Teesta River basin.

The flood damaged several bridges and roads, cutting off the communication and transportation links between Gangtok and Siliguri. Many tourists are unable to contact their families due to disrupted phone and internet connections.

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The Sikkim government has urged the tourists to postpone their travel plans until the situation normalises. The chief minister has also asked the officials to stop issuing permits to tourists in popular destinations like Tsomgo Lake, Baba Mandir, and Nathula on Friday.

The officials have assured that all the stranded tourists are safe and are being looked after by the district administration, tourism associations and locals. They have also said that efforts are being made to restore communication and arrange rescue operations once the weather improves. Alternative routes have been opened for those stranded in Gangtok.

I hope this information helps you understand the situation better. If you have any friends or relatives who are affected by the flood, I hope they are safe and will be able to return home soon. Please stay tuned for more updates from reliable sources.

Sikkim Flood Bengal Tourists: Are there any relief efforts underway for tourists?

Yes, there are some relief efforts underway for tourists who are stranded in Sikkim due to the flash flood. According to the news reports, the Sikkim government has started rescue and relief operations with the help of the army, the NDRF, the BRO and the local administration. Some of the efforts are:

I hope these efforts will help the tourists to return home safely and soon. Please stay safe and follow the instructions of the authorities.

Sikkim Flood Bengal Tourists: Are there any helpline numbers for tourists?

Yes, there are some helpline numbers for tourists who are stranded or affected by the flash flood in Sikkim. According to the news reports, the Indian Army has started three helpline numbers for families of missing people in Sikkim, including its own soldiers. The helpline numbers are:

  • 03592-202228
  • 03592-202664
  • 03592-202666

The North Sikkim district administration has also set up two helpline numbers for people to contact in case of any query about stranded tourists. The helpline numbers are:

  • 8509822997
  • 116464265

I hope these numbers will help you or anyone you know who is in need of assistance. Please stay safe and follow the instructions of the authorities.

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