The Best Street Style From Paris Fashion Week Spring

Paris Fashion Week
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Paris Fashion Week: The show goes on! Despite some cancellations in Milan, the great biennial Fashion Week marathon is underway. And after starting in Italy, the Fall 2022 proceedings have moved to Paris. And if anything is synonymous with sick street style, it’s Paris Fashion Week. We’ll be on the field with news and reviews from the collections – and of course, lots of street style.

The combined digital and physical season of Paris Fashion Week began with IRL glasses from Coperny, Coche and Christian Dior and will conclude a week from now with a physical show from Chanel and a virtual experience from Louis Vuitton. In that time, Parisians and the rare international guest will travel — decidedly safe and socially distanced — to the city of light on a daily basis. Style du Monde’s photographer Escielle will be on hand to document the best of street style for Vogue. Already, we’ve found a certain style to prevail in this fragmented show season: practical daywear, chopped with dreamy details and topped with a mask. Keep checking back to see how the Parisians adapt their looks and get some wardrobe inspiration for your own home style.

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It’s supposed to rain all week in Paris, and while those watching the shows at Paris Fashion Week may not be thrilled with the forecast, we are. Rain always creates unexpected street-style moments that feel more real, and it’s fun to see which platform shoes guests convince themselves can double as appropriate rain boots.

Apart from the elements, the week is going to be pretty much the same. Literally. There are 107 houses showing over the course of 9 days, ranging from big names like Chanel, Miu Miu and Balenciaga to lesser-known Ottolinger and Walkera. Saint Laurent again held a show under the Eiffel Tower, but this time built a new fountain just for the show, with a larger-than-life YSL logo in the middle. As for Dior, Maria Grazia Chiuri’s latest collection was accompanied by a set made entirely of cardboard by French artist Eva Jospin.

It’s been an unpredictable week so far, with great sets matching and street style feeling particularly impulsive. Raincoat be damned! Everyone’s wearing a tie instead? And cowboy hat? and large corsage floral necklaces? Apparently, anything can happen in Paris, especially in the rain.

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